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ER Collection Beats Headz BanG To!

    By braums on Apr 08, 2014 in beats - 0 Comments



     Yup. I’m the guy who makes the crunchy Snare, boomin’ Kik Dopery Drums.


    I kinda also create cooL lil’ cues for sum of Ya Fave T.V. Shows/Networks:






    Hmmm.. .I do make the Beats Headz Bang to.

    Aaand, I Rap. Too, thooo.


    So. ..Wat Yu Wanna Do?!


    Listen 2 Bang’N Beatz


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    BeatMaking: 808 Smoothie

    By braums on Apr 07, 2014 in beats , videos - 3 Comments


    Equipment Used:

    Logic Pro X

    ER Drums Operation 808


    Southside Symphony: Drums N’ Loops Bundle

    By braums on Mar 30, 2014 in kits - 1 Comment

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    Beat Making: A FuNk’N Banger!

    By braums on Mar 21, 2014 in beats , kits , videos - 8 Comments




    My First Studio. My First Keyboard. 2003.

    By braums on Mar 18, 2014 in songs - 6 Comments


    This pic was taken at our first Lab in downtown Phoenix, AZ, O.M.E. Studios.

    I was a fresh 18 yrs old. Married to Mrs. Motif. She was my first real Keyboard.


    Below is the first song we recorded in the Lab Summer of 2003. . ..


    I almost deleted this beat tho cuz I was u late making it and thought it was weak sawce. SMH!

    Peep the song tho:

     Stix N’ Stonez – Traumah Ft. Leonetti.

    Your comments are encouraged.


    -Traumah Brahma



    The ER Drum Collection

    By braums on Mar 17, 2014 in kits - 0 Comments


    Each of these ER Kits comes

    Packed wit Highly Dope Drum Sounds.

    Get Your Dose of Dopeness.

    Opium *FREE Dose!*

    By braums on Mar 13, 2014 in kits - 3 Comments

    Opium Dosage2



    If You Like This Free Sample Kit. ..You’ll LOVE The FULL Kit!

    **NEW KIT!** ER Drums: Opium

    By braums on Mar 11, 2014 in kits - 0 Comments


    er drums opium done-2

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    Beat Making With ER Drums Oxygen Pt 2.

    By braums on Mar 07, 2014 in beats , kits - 1 Comment

    Get ER Oxygen Drums FREE 

    Beat Making Wit ER Drums Oxygen Kit

    By braums on Mar 02, 2014 in beats , kits , videos - 5 Comments

    Equipment Used:

    Logic Pro X

    Oxygen Kit


    Download This Kit FREE? Click Pic!

    oxygen full

    Producer Dilemma: Lead Melodies

    By braums on Feb 23, 2014 in advice , beats , kits - 8 Comments

    Equipment Used:

    Logic Pro X

    Southside Symphony Kit

    BeatMaking. ..With NEW ER Drums!

    By braums on Feb 15, 2014 in beats , videos - 1 Comment

    Sooo. ..I just had to go IN real quik

    Using the New ER Drums Kits:

    Lethal Injection & Over Dose.

    . ..PEeP!

    Dr. Dre Shows How DRUMS Mean EVERYTHING! *Video Inside*

    By braums on Feb 12, 2014 in advice , videos - 6 Comments

    Not sure if you guys saw this Beats By Dre Commercial. ..

    But Dre displays the importance of DRUMS right here

    . ..Peep.


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    Timbaland Speaks On Producers Using 808′s (Start Vid at 25:00)

    By braums on Feb 11, 2014 in advice , videos - 8 Comments

    Wat Timbo Says. ..

    Is Why I Make You Guys FRESH NEW DRUMS!


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    FREE ER Drums Kit

    By braums on Feb 06, 2014 in kits - 30 Comments


    Download Here

    BeatMaking Video: EDM Style W/ER Drums. ..

    By braums on Feb 04, 2014 in beats , kits , videos - 12 Comments

    Equipment Used:

    Logic Pro X

    ER Drums

    ER Sidebar3

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    The New ER Drums!

    By braums on Feb 01, 2014 in kits - 2 Comments


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    Producer Gets TV Placements: Uses My Drums *Story Inside*

    By braums on Jan 31, 2014 in videos - 2 Comments

    Major Shout Outs From The HoMie @Phinestro!

    @phinestro Video:

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    BBC Radio 808 Documentary

    By braums on Apr 13, 2014 in advice , kits - 0 Comments


    Download 808 Kits Here!

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