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O’Braumah Care1 Beats Headz BanG To!

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     Yup. I’m the guy who creates the crunchy Snares, boomin’ Kiks & Dopery ER Drums.


    I kinda also produce cooL musical cues for sum of Ya Fave T.V. Shows/Networks:







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    Make A Difference.Make Music Different.

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    Kool Rap Spit’s Fiyah On A Traumah beat?

    By braums on Jun 19, 2014 in beats , songs - 5 Comments

    This is a track I originally produced for Adil Omar.

    (shout outs to the homie Greydon feat. on here too!)

    Co-Produced by the homie G-Rocka.

    He Str8Laced it. ..

    *major shout outs!*



    The instrumentation and

    change ups he added to this

    Track are phenomenal thooo, right?


    I met G-Rocka at the

    RedBull Big Tune Beat Battle in LA.
    Same conference I met D.J. Battlecat at.

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    ATTENTION: ALL Artist!

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    Are You Hot Rapper Or Singer?

    You Got Wat It Takes To Make It?


    Be featured on the new “Head Bang Music”

    Mixtape releasing this summer!


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    Are You Trendy or Timeless?

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    Are You Trendy or Timeless?

    Most producers these days would rather create the sound
    thats popular. Wat’s been done already and proven to be
    successful. This is dope by all means, its never a problem
    adding a new sound to your arsenal. .

    Buuut, this could lead to becoming a “Trendy” producer
    who can only mimic someone else’s sound.
    Whereas as “Timeless” producer can bring to life sound  elements from the past and the present to create a sound that never existed before.

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    FREE Download: T.V./Film Music Money Mp3!

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    Do The Great-08′s Knock Hard?!

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    Geat-08 Kit

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    Pls.. .Feel FREE to leave Ya comments below.

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    BBC Radio 808 Documentary

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    Download 808 Kits Here!

    BeatMaking: 808 Smoothie

    By braums on Apr 07, 2014 in beats , videos - 3 Comments


    Equipment Used:

    Logic Pro X

    ER Drums Operation 808


    Southside Symphony: Drums N’ Loops Bundle

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