Timbaland Speaks On Producers Using 808’s (Start Vid at 25:00)

By braums on Feb 11, 2014 in advice , videos - 8 Comments

Wat Timbo Says. ..

Is Why I Make You Guys FRESH NEW DRUMS!


This whole interview is dope tho. You should watch it ALL the way thru.

Timbaland & Missy are some of my Fav Producers.

They go IN on this interview.


Phinestro February 11th, 2014

this is so fact. I refuse to make Rachette beats that doesn’t mix right. Its all about having a great clean mix making musicality.

Its all about musicality.

larell February 11th, 2014

Bout time 808’s r played out dem fools beats sounds da same 1000 mph hi hats

D DutchZ February 11th, 2014

Real Talk by the pro’s!!!
Everybody’s sounding the samen
and it’s about that time something
is going too chaince!!!

D DutchZ

CNOTE February 11th, 2014

Mad true I notice most recording artists are looking for those same ol’beats… even alot of music company it’s what they say is hot!

I always put me in my music it what I love

braums February 11th, 2014

@phinestro that’s real talk bro. Musicality and originality!

braums February 11th, 2014

@larell lol yea bro, the 808 has been over-used.

braums February 11th, 2014

@dutchz yea fam, gotta change the sounds to change thee game..it’s in our hands!

braums February 11th, 2014

@cnote yo I feel ya bro .. They want cookie cutter fast food music. That’s why I feel it’s important to be self sufficient and established as an independent!

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